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Production services


KM211 provides comprehensive access to modern technologies for prototyping and volume production of ASIC products.

MPW service is introduced for prototyping purposes (Multi-Project Wafer manufacturing, see below for details)


KM211 services are based on clients requirements and may include:

  • Consulting on process selection;
  • Access to PDK and libraries
  • Access to IP blocks, including customization and development of new IP cores
  • Project development from scratch or project finalization based on client’s developments;
  • Proprietary KM211 processor cores licensing
  • Project layout final verification
  • IC fabrication in all formats, including MPW/MLM/Full Mask Set;
  • Testing, sawing, packaging
  • Logistics to Russia and Customs;
  • Full preparation and conducting of volume production


MPW: a fabrication format, when multiple customers share the same fabricated wafer. Used for prototyping and low volume production.

This format supports:

  • Access to 0.5um up to 28nm processes.
  • Risk minimization, usage of standard and tested libraries and processes
  • Fabrication price can be reduced by up to 90%


MLM (Multi-Layer Mask): a fabrication format, when a reduction of masks is achieved by utilization of the same mask for several layers. This reduces NRE cost of fabrication considerably, for example by a factor of 2. But at the same time it increases a die cost considerably as well.